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Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Live your passion and become a Kangoo Jumps Instructor!

We are Canada's largest consortium of instructor/dealers using Kangoo Jumps®. We train and certify our official Kangoo Jumps program from coast to coast. Our pooled resources gets us the best pricing possible and when you combine that with the ongoing support to help grow the business for each and every one of our instructors, it's win win.

We offer a unique instructor/dealer experience. We are committed to fitness, fun, and communities. From extensive instructor training to marketing assistance, music playlists and workshops just to name a few, supporting our Instructors/Dealers is something we take very seriously.

Isn’t helping others to enjoy life one of the best rewards in life? We strongly believe in team support, find the option that suit you the best!

We offer sales commission to all of our instructors as they are KJ dealers in the same time, but without having to keep inventories. Boot rental system is available for those who don't want to invest into purchasing the boots.

Be part of something BIG

Kangoo Club Canada has more than 150 instructors all over the country who are KJ dealers at the same time. The instructors teach Kangoo Power, Kangoo Dance, Kangoo Boot camp, and Kangoo Discovery classes all across Canada.

Kangoo Jumps classes are still new in North America, we are still just at the start of a new fitness trend. It’s always good to start as one of the first ones… And you can be it!

Kangoo Jumps Fitness Programs Workshop Outline:

  • KJ Master Class for Kangoo Jumps Applications.
  • Rebounding technique using Kangoo Jumps.
  • Introduction to Plyometric training.
  • Multi-level teaching.
  • Kangoo Jumps Class planning and design.
  • Basic applications: Choreography, Freestyle, Interval and Circuit Training.
  • Additional programming possibilities.
  • Product care & maintenance.
  • Short practical exam at the end of the day