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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if my shoes don't fit?

The last thing we want is for you to be stuck with a pair of shoes your don’t want. So if they are not working for you, and you’ve only wore them inside, if they are in original condition, send them back within 14 days and you can choose between an exchange and a full refund.

How can I register?

You can find the registration form by clicking "Register" button at the top right corner on every page. After correctly filling the registration form, you will receive a one-time login link with which you can set your password. After on you can login any time with your username and password.

For an Instructor profile you will need to register as usual, but to send a copy of your valid certificate to After your certificate is received by our team, we will change your online profile type to Instructor.

How can I create an Instructor profile?

If you are a certified Kangoo Jumps Instructor, you need to register our site by clicking the "Register" button at the top right corner of the page. After following the basic steps and your registration is complete, please send us a copy of your valid certificate to, and our team will change your profile type to Instructor.

Important! Please don't forget to send these data in your email:

  • copy of your valid certificate
  • your profile username (not fullname, but the username which is the same as loginname)
  • your date of birth
  • your email address
How can I login to your site?

You can login to our site after successfull registration by clicking the "Login" button at the top right corner of the page.

How can I rate a product?

To provide the most accurate ratings, visitors must be logged in to give ratings about products.

What can I do with an Instructor profile?

The main benefits of creating an Instructor profile in Kangoo Jumps Canada are:

  • you can create and advertise classes
  • you can gain followers, and by that they will receive updates made on your profile like new class date, mods in classes
  • on the frontpage the latest class updates are displayed so it is usefull to keep your profile up-to-date
  • you can upload and publish your private photo, biography and 'about me' section on your page
  • you will be listed on the "Community" or "Find your instructor" pages so visitors may choose you to be their trainer.
  • registered users can contact you on the site by sending you messages.
Is the community and shop worldwide?

Since the main purpose of the site is to increase popularity of Kangoo Jumps in Canada, we developed the site so Instructors can promote themselves, and fans can purchase Kangoo Jumps shoes, accessories and spare parts in Canada and the United States. If you are from anywhere outside Canada or the United States, unfortunately this community and e-commerce section is not suitable for you.

How can I search for an Instructor?

There are multiple ways to filter the Instructor list on "Find my Instructor" page.

You can search for name by filling out the first text field on the top of the list and press Apply.

Or you can filter by location (country, province / state). To update the Province / State list, you need to select a Country and press Apply.

You can also mix Location and Name search by using all fields.

Why isn't my profile appear anywhere on the site?

Please check if your profile meets the sitewide requirements:

  • uploaded profile photo (at least 200x200px)
  • date of birth
  • basic location info
  • email address
  • you have a valid official certificate


How can I upload a profile picture?

Simply use the upload field on your profile edit page. It is recommended to crop your image to a 500x500 pixel square in a photoeditor software to achieve the best result. If not, our system will scale and crop to this required size, but since it is an automated process, some unliked results could occur. Allowed file format is JPG with a max. 400KB filesize.