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Kangoo Kids


  • It is designed for children to embrace and enjoy a healthy lifestyle without boredom – phys. Ed. & games
  • Kangoo Kids exercise classes are a fun and energetic way to promote exercise as an important part of school
  • Kangoo Jumps boots are easy to use and very safe
  • Each week we work on different skills like co-ordination, team work, balance, agility, posture, cardiovascular endurance etc
  • Programs take place on school premises (only children who go to the specific school can sign up)
  • Kids program  is age-appropriate for children aged 6-12
  • The classes are 60-minutes long and they run for 8 weeks
  • Class size is limited to 15 children per instructor
  • The programs are led by trained, qualified, and entertaining instructors who bring the Kangoo Jumps boots to the children each week
  • Kids are having so much fun that they don't even realise that they are exercising
  • Our activities include: different variations of dodgeball, basketball, relay races, obstacle courses, choreographic dance routines, Octopus, SPUD, different tag games and much more

All of our instructors are certified teachers who have undergone and extensive training.

For more information please email Alejandra: alejandra@kangooclubcanada.com

Kid standing in Kangoo Jumps Shoes

Kangoo Kids Birthday parties

Give your child something new and exciting for his/her birthday party, where children can participate in a variety of exciting games and activities guaranteed to keep them active while having fun!

Kids get an hour of pure fun excitement and exercise on Kangoo Jumps boots including a warm-up, games like Octopus, Dodgeball, SPUD, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, choreographed routines, a cool-down along with music and a discussion of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Our qualified instructors will come to your venue and all equipment is provided.

Venue can be provided for extra cost.

Suitable for 6 years olds and up


Reservation for Kangoo Jumps birthday parties: kids@kangooclubcanada.com

Summer Camps / March break camps / PA day camps

We offer a unique rebound fitness experience called Kangoo Kids program for children at and camps. If you want to offer something special to your campers this year, Kangoo Jumps would be a great addition.

Our program uses special low impact exercise rebound boots called Kangoo Jumps. We offer full day or half day sessions and we also sell Kangoo Jumps, so your camp can enjoy the Kangoo Kids experience any time.

Various Activities we do at camps while all children wear Kangoo Jumps rebound boots:

  • dodgeball
  • basketball
  • octopus
  • spud
  • relay races
  • obstacle courses
  • choreographed routines
  • scavenger hunts
  • jogging challenges
  • and many more

Main benefits of using Kangoo Jumps:

  • Helps to improve coordination, spatial awareness, endurance, good body posture, self-image and team play
  • Absolutely safe
  • Easy to use and to learn, no learning curve like rollerblading or skating
  • Appropriate for all ages, from 6 years olds and up
  • Work on all surfaces - indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to manage, as each KJ boot size is flexible to 3 shoes sizes
  • Easy to maintain

Kangoo Jumps are a great way for your campers to keep fit while having fun. I would especially love to arrange a time, when we can bring you a pair of Kangoo Jumps boots and you can experience the feeling the boots provide.


Options for your camp:

  • 1-2 hour workshops
  • half day workshop
  • full day workshop
  • purchase of the boots so kids can enjoy them throughout all summer for several years

Prices range from $200-$500+tax

For information and bookings: kids@kangooclubcanada.com


Elementary and High schools phys ed classes and fun days

Do you like your students experiencing new and fun ways of physical activities like yoga, kick boxing, zumba etc? Kangoo Jumps is for you then Kangoo Jumps class is a highly motivating cardio class, using the latest top 40 songs that the students listen to. We dance, jump, laugh for one hour while wearing Kangoo Jumps rebound boots and they will have so much fun, that they won't even realise that they are exercising.

The class combines high low, dancing, some kick boxing and some muscle conditioning all done on rebound boots.

Your students will have the most fun ever while working out.


We come to your school, bringing enough boots for the class and getting them experience a super fun and very efficient cardio class.

Appropriate age group: 6-18 year olds, we tailor all our sessions accordingly. Older students will be bouncing & laughing along to the latest chart music with some choreographed routines, while younger pupils getting involved in lots of bouncy games & activities.

One group, or a full day of workshops with different groups each hour or the whole school in multiple days.

Price ranges $8-$15/students depending on the number of students who will participate in the activity.

For information and bookings contact Dorina: dorina@kangooclubcanada.com

Kangoo Kids Dancing